The Beijing List

The latest official list of species seen in Beijing can be downloaded by clicking the link below.  The document is a result of excellent work by members of the Beijing Birdwatching Society.  

As of mid-2020 we are expecting a revised checklist to be issued within the next few months.  We’ll publish the new list as soon as it is publicly available.

A Checklist of Birds of Beijing 2014

4 thoughts on “The Beijing List”

  1. Thank so much for the efforts to keep this website and related activities going. I am a birder but not living in Beijing currently. Some of my relatives in Beijing have recently also got into birding and sometimes send me photos for identification (the reason for me to look for checklist for Beijing and found you). Yesterday, they sent me a photo taken in Tiantan Park of a Black-collared Starling. This bird seems not in the Beijing checklist dated 2014. I believe this is not the only new addition to the list since 2014 but would like to let you know about this sighting.

    1. Thank you! Yes, there have been many new records in Beijing since 2014 and I know the folks at China Birdwatching Society are working on a revised list. The Black-collared Starling is an interesting record. Given its southerly range, I would think it’s likely that it escaped from captivity or has been deliberately released. Do you know if it shows any signs of captivity? For example, is it very tame? Or does it have worn feathers or deformed feet? These are all signs that the origin might be captivity. Thanks again for your comment and thank you also for encouraging your relatives to take an interest in birding!

  2. Dear Terry, I would like to advise that about 3 years ago when I visited TianTan Park I did see a black-colared Starling in a cage. It is possible that the one spotted recently is an escaped.

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