Unidentified Gulls

Always learning. And I never seem to have enough knowledge to identify all the birds I see…! Here are a few images of ‘unidentified gulls’ seen at Choshi. I have a good idea on some of them but there remain niggling doubts. On others, I am less sure. Have a look and let me know if you can help..!

Bird 1: Unfortunately only this one image. I am thinking it must be a Vega Gull but that underwing looks incredibly pale and the black on the wing-tip suggests thayeri?

Bird 2: this bird has a primary pattern that fits thayeri and the mantle is paler than the nearby Vega Gulls. But that head looks too 'fierce'.

Bird 2: The same bird. Note dark eye and pale mantle. Hmm...

Bird 3: Clearly a 1st winter (2nd calendar year) Common Gull-type but is it henei, kamtschatschensis or even a Mew Gull?

Bird 3: Same bird. Note short bi-coloured bill.

Bird 4: A 1st winter (2nd calendar year) bird. Note smallish, rounded head and generally pale plumage.