Laotieshan – Friday update

Much colder today with the temperature down to 10 degrees Celsius at 0530.  A brisk north-east wind kept it cool all day but, on the plus side, visibility was the best I have seen in China and it was sunny all day.

A hawking Grey Nightjar was a nice welcome as we arrived at the car park at dawn and other highlights included 2 Greater Spotted Eagles (one of which we watched migrate out to see towards Shandong Province – something like 60+ kilometres away), over 20 Grey-faced Buzzards and this…..

Bush Warbler sp, Laotieshan...

We think we know what it is but do you?

There was a significant fall of phylloscopus warblers today, especially Radde’s and Dusky warblers.. but the number of birds moving was definitely down on the last few days.  The forecast for Saturday is for moderate westerlies and mostly clear skies with the temperature increasing slightly.  It’ll be interesting to see whether the volume of migrating birds increases again…  and with Tom Beeke and his crew arriving for the day tomorrow, we’ll have more pairs of eyes watching the skies..  it promises to be a good day whatever we see.

The lighthouse at Laotieshan viewed from the ridge.
Raptor watching from the 'helipad' on the ridge at Laotieshan