Welcome to Birding Beijing

Welcome to Birding Beijing, a website dedicated to celebrating the birds of China’s capital city.  It is often a surprise, even to Beijingers, that more than 500 species of bird have been recorded in the Municipality, making Beijing one of the best birding capital cities in the world.  With world-class wetlands such as Miyun Reservoir and Wild Duck Lake (Yeyahu), wooded mountains, grassland and a surfeit of parks, Beijing provides excellent birding all year round.  However, it is spring and autumn when the capital experiences the spectacle of migration on a staggering scale and it is at these times that exciting birds can be found even in the tiniest of green spaces in the city centre.

This website aims to provide residents and visitors alike with as much information as possible to help maximise their birding experience in Beijing.  As well as the regularly updated blog, there are pages about the latest sightings, the best sites and what can be seen there, as well as information about some of northeast China’s most endangered birds.

Conservation is a priority for Birding Beijing and, in partnership with the China Birdwatching Society, BirdLife International, the Oriental Bird Club, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership, the Zoological Society of London and others, we work to help save some of China’s rarest birds from extinction, including Jankowski’s Bunting and Baer’s Pochard.  All information on this site is provided for free.  If you make use of the resources, please consider making a donation, via JustGiving, to BirdLife International to support this conservation work or the British Trust for Ornithology to support the Mongolia Cuckoo Project.

Thank you and I wish you great birding!

Terry  Townshend, Beijing

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