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4 May 2019

A ‘long read’ in the South China Morning Post about birding in Beijing

13 April 2019

Article by CGTN to say “Welcome Home!” to the Beijing Swifts.

12 April 2019

Article in Xinhua suggesting the Beijing Swift as an ambassador for China’s foreign policy initiative – One Belt, One Road, linking China with Africa and Europe by revitalising traditional trade routes (in Chinese)

19 January 2019

The Beijing Robin in The Daily Express, thanks to Stuart Winter.

15 January 2019

Article in Audubon about the Beijing Robin and how it illustrates the growth of birding in China.

14 January 2019

Interview on BBC World Service about the Beijing Robin.

The Beijing Robin shares the BBC News front page with latest Brexit news.

bbc robin story

10 January 2019

“Brexit Refugee receives grand welcome in Beijing, poses for photographers” by CGTN

brezxit refugee article

5 November 2018

Government vows to rehabilitate Yangtze River ecosystems.  By Caixin.

29 September 2018

Camera trap photos of a Snow Leopard covered by Fox News and the Mail Online.

10 September 2018

Busting a poacher in Shunyi is covered by the Beijing Evening News

29 July 2018

Article by Xinhua – Herders on Frontline in Protecting Snow Leopard

1 June 2018

An article on Xinhua, China’s largest news agency, about the breeding BAER’S POCHARD.

31 May 2018

CGTN coverage of the successful breeding of BAER’S POCHARD at Hengshui Hu in Hebei Province.

BP article CGTN breeding

26 May 2018

A tribute to Flappy in the Beijing Youth Daily.

Beijing Youth Daily Flappy 2

25 May 2018

A tribute to Flappy in Sixth Tone.

And another on SupChina.

16 May 2018

Article in the Beijing Youth Daily about Flappy McFlapperson, the Beijing Cuckoo.

1 May 2018

CGTN article about the BirdLife Flyways Summit and the Chinese government’s recent announcements about protecting migratory birds.

23 March 2018

Xinhua article about the Baer’s Pochard workshop at Hengshui Hu, Hebei Province.

22 March 2018

CGTN (CCTV’s English-language channel) article on the Baer’s Pochard Task Force workshop at Hengshui Hu.

28 February 2018

CGTN article about how China is swapping coastal land reclamation and pollution for festivals to celebrate the birds!

CGTN story, Feb 2018

15 February 2018

Terry’s article on the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat about China’s decision to halt land reclamation along its coast.

23 December 2017

Article in The Beijinger about Yellow-breasted Buntings for sale on Taobao (China’s eBay).

19 November 2017

A year after the Beijing Cuckoos featured on the front page of the New York Times, Flappy is still reaching more and more people worldwide.  This article published today in Daily News and Analysis (DNA) in India.

6 October 2017

Birding Beijing’s footage of Snow Leopards and Pallas’s Cats featured in a 2-hour long profile of Qinghai on CCTV (Chinese state television) in celebration of the end of Xi Jinping’s first term as president.

14 September 2017

Feature in the Sep-Oct edition of The Beijinger.

23 August 2017

Speaking at the launch of “Unusual Lives”, a book documenting the stories of 29 people (Chinese and foreign) in China.  At the Beijing International Book Festival.


July 2017

Article in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs magazine about birding in Israel and Champions of the Flyway.  Written by Chen Ting.

5 June 2017

Terry’s Snow Leopard footage is shown on Chinese State TV, CCTV13, as part of a piece on Sanjiangyuan National Park.

29 April 2017

An article in The Diplomat about the return of Flappy McFlapperson, the Beijing Cuckoo.

2 April 2017

Two articles (in Chinese) about the launch of the exhibition of 19th century bird paintings in Beijing.

And the Beijing TV coverage of the launch.

1 April

Article in Jing Kids magazine about birdwatching in Spring in Beijing.

6 March 2017

Beijing’s first Harlequin features on Beijing TV including interviews with Dr Ji Jianwei and Shi Yang of Beijing Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (BWRRC), the main partner for the Beijing Cuckoo Project.

18 February 2017

“Where In The World Is Flappy McFlapperson?”

A very good online article in The World of Chinese about the Beijing Cuckoos.  PDF can be downloaded here.


23 January 2017

Article in Noon Story about the Beijing Swift


30 December 2016

Interview in Beijing Kids magazine (in Chinese)


6 December 2016

The African Times welcomes 梦之鹃, the Beijing Cuckoo, to Africa!


24 November 2016

The Beijing Cuckoos in the China Daily newspaper and in Xinhua, China’s biggest news agency.


21 November 2016

Interview in Beijing Kids magazine.

The Beijing Cuckoo Project in the Qatar Tribune

16 November 2016

The Beijing Cuckoo Project in the NYT Style magazine (in Chinese)

15 November 2016

An article about the Beijing Cuckoos on Ecotpia (in Korean)

The New York Times article featured on the front page of the international edition on 15th November.


11 November 2016

An excellent article by Chris Buckley, the New York Times correspondent in China, on The Beijing Cuckoos.


6 November 2016

The Beijing Cuckoos feature in this article in the Hindustan Times

12 October 2016

Live interview on BBC World Service about poaching wild birds in China.

Article in The Times of India about Flappy, one of the Beijing Cuckoos.

11 October 2016

Article in The Times about illegal poaching in China.


12 September 2016

Article by Cuihu Wetland about Flappy, the Beijing Cuckoo (in Chinese).

1 September 2016

Article by 山水 (Shan Shui) about the Wildlife Watching Competition in Qinghai (in Chinese).

27 July 2016

BBC Wildlife Magazine covers the Beijing Cuckoo Project!

22 July 2016

BTO press release about “Flappy”, one of the Beijing Cuckoos.

27 June 2016

ABC article on the expansion of birding in China, including interviews with young Beijing birders.

IMG_3319 IMG_3320

26 June 2016

The Beijing Cuckoo Project features on the Oriental Bird Club website

17 June 2016

A brilliant series – jointly produced by Australia’s ABC and the BBC World Service – about the miraculous migration of shorebirds from Australia/New Zealand to Arctic Russia via the Yellow Sea.  Episode 3 touches on Beijing and birding in China and includes a snippet from the interviews conducted with Beijing birders on the Wenyu River in April 2016.


29 May 2016

Article in the Beijing Science and Technology Daily about the Beijing Cuckoo Project.

2016-05-26 Chris Peng's daughter releasing cuckoo

8 May 2016

LA Times article on birding in China.

Li Qingxin (Grace) from China Birdwatching Society at Yeyahu Nature Reserve.
Li Qingxin (Grace) from China Birdwatching Society, featured in the article, here photographed at Yeyahu Nature Reserve.

30 April 2016

Interview with BBC Radio and ABC about migratory shorebirds and birding in China

2016-04-30 TT with BBC and ABC, Wenyu He2 2016-04-30 TT with BBC and ABC, Wenyu He

24 April 2016

Article in the Zigong media (in Chinese) about the Earth Day Lecture.


22 April 2016

Article covering TT’s “Earth Day lecture” at Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Sichuan.

2016-04-21 TT at Zigong Dinosaur museum4
TT delivering the Earth Day lecture to local students
2016-04-21 TT at Zigong Dinosaur museum2
A tour of the museum before the lecture to learn about the history of this unique place.
2016-04-21 TT at Zigong Dinosaur museum6
An interview with the local evening news
Yifan and Yumo - the engine behind Zigong's new birdwatching society and lovely people!
Yifan and Yumo – the engine behind Zigong’s new birdwatching society and lovely people!

4 April 2016

Article in TimeOut Beijing, featuring Jankowski’s Bunting.

2016-04-06 Birding Beijing in TimeOut Beijing

29 March 2016

Interview on Talking Naturally about birding and conservation in Beijing.

12 March 2016

Article about Jankowski’s Bunting and Birding Beijing on 10,000 Birds.

March 2016

March edition of World Birdwatch includes articles on Jankowski’s Bunting and 10 years of BirdLife’s China Programme.

19 January 2016

BirdLife International article about the remarkable occurrence of JANKOWSKI’S BUNTINGs in Beijing this winter.

17 December 2015

Sinica Podcast about the Beijing Swift, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the monkeys trained to destroy birds nests ahead of the military parade.

8 December 2015

Interview on BBC World Service radio “World Update” about the first “Red Alert” for air pollution in Beijing and its impact on both residents and the city’s birds.


2 December 2015

Article in Beijing Evening News about illegal bird trapping and the efforts of young people to tear down illegal nets, featuring Birding Beijing (in Chinese).

2015-12-02 Beijing Evening News

24 October 2015

Profile of Birding Beijing in The Global Times


19 October 2015

Article in Xinhua about Birding Beijing.  One of a series of articles about Brits in China ahead of the State Visit of Xi Jinping to the UK.  Same article in Chinese here.


29 September 2015

Article in the Dalian local media about the 1st China International Birding Festival (in Chinese)

It was a big surprise, and a huge honour, to be presented with the
It was a big surprise, and a huge honour, to be presented with the “Birding Master” award.

27 August 2015

Sino-US event on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


12 July 2015

Article in The China Daily about EcoAction, a new and innovative Chinese company of which Terry is a Director.

22 June 2015

Article about Birding Beijing in The Beijinger

TT in Beijinger

15 June 2015

Interview in BeijingKids magazine, with questions from pupils at the Canadian International School of Beijing


4 June 2015

Article on the unusual occurrence of a SWINHOE’S RAIL at the Temple of Heaven (Birding Asia)

2 June 2015

Pioneering Study Confirms Amazing Asia-Africa Migration Of Beijing’s Swifts, Birdguides

29 May 2015

Beijing Swifts Reveal Winter Secret by Xinhua News Agency

25 May 2015

Swifts Migrate From Beijing To Southern Africa Without Landing, The Guardian

7 May 2015

A Chinese Birdman” by Xinhua News Agency

4 February 2015

“Celebrating The Birds Of Beijing” in the gbtimes.

9 January 2015

Article in Science and Technology Daily about birding in Beijing.

21 December 2014

Article in The Sunday Express about the European Robin in the Temple of Heaven Park

27 November 2014

Article in The China Daily about the European Robin in Beijing.

9 October 2014

Interview on birding in Beijing on China.Org (English) and here in Chinese.

5 April 2014

Delivered the keynote lecture at the National Zoological Museum in Beijing as part of “Bird Protection Week”

21 February 2014

Interview with Portrait Magazine about birding in Beijing.  Published in March issue.

Terry in Better Living Magazine

8 February 2014

Interview and field trip with Beijing Kids.  Published in March issue.

2 January 2014:

Sinica Podcast on “The Birds Of Beijing And The Air They Fly In” with Guardian journalist, Jon Kaiman and host Jeremy Goldkorn.  Can be downloaded here.

1 and 2 January 2014:

Broadcast of two 5-minute features about birding in Beijing on Phoenix TV (300 million viewers) 1955-2000 hrs.  Can be seen here and here.

16 December 2013:

Article in the Wall Street Journal about Beijing’s bird markets featuring Birding Beijing, Per Alstrom, Li Xiaomai and others. See here.

26 September 2013:

Filmed by Phoenix TV (300m viewers) at Wild Duck Lake for a documentary about people passionate about Chinese wildlife.

20 August 2013:

This morning, at 0715 Beijing time, I gave a LIVE interview about JANKOWSKI’S BUNTING on BBC World TV on the Newsday programme.  The interview was shown globally and repeated several times during the day.

29 July 2013:

Wall Street Journal interview (English)

Wall Street Journal interview (Chinese)

4 July 2013:

Article in The Global Times on China’s Extinction Challenge

3 July 2013:

China Daily video on Beijing’s wetlands

1 May 2013

The Global Times article: “Birdwatching Takes Flight”

1 February 2013

Article on Beijing’s air pollution on the Responding to Climate Change website

14 November 2012

Interview on Talking Naturally about illegal hunting/poaching in China

2 September 2012

Interview on Talking Naturally about Jankowski’s Bunting

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