A Birder’s Guide to Beijing

“A Birders Guide to Beijing” includes information about the best sites, likely species encountered, tips on how to see the local specialities, travel directions etc.  If you have any helpful tips, hints or sites you’d like to see included here, please let me know.

Below is a Google Map of some of the main birding sites in Beijing, each with a short descriptor.  Detailed site guides include travel directions, likely species encountered in each season and, where possible, a full species list.

1.  Detailed Site Guide

Information, including travel directions, hints and tips, likely species in each season and, where known, a full species list.

2.  A Guide To Beijing’s Common Birds

One of the most common responses when people find out I am a birder is “but there aren’t any birds in Beijing!” This is an understandable reaction. If you are not particularly looking for birds, and don’t venture outside the comfort of the 5th ring road, you are likely to see a limited number of species.  However, even inside the 2nd Ring Road, birds can be found.

Birding Beijing has produced a downloadable PDF guide to some of the species that can be found in central Beijing’s parks and green spaces.

Download The PDF Guide To Beijing’s Common Birds (English)

北京常见鸟类指南 (中文)

3.  A Guide to Beijing’s Most Sought-after Birds

Download the PDF guide on how to find the 10 most sought-after birds in Beijing.

4.  *NEW* A Timeline By Month Of The Best Places To Visit In Beijing

NOTE: If you find illegal mist-nets in Beijing, please take photographs and note the location, then call the State Forestry Police on 010-84236301.  

5 thoughts on “A Birder’s Guide to Beijing”

    1. The Olympic Forest Park (accessible by metro) is always a rewarding place.. especially the southwest section (the wetland area). There is usually a Water Rail in winter plus Water Pipit, Red-flanked Bluetail, Daurian Redstart, Silver-throated Tit etc. Other city options are the Botanical Gardens or Yuanmingyuan Park. There are downloadable PDF guides to the OFP and Bot Gardens on this website under “Site Guide”. Good luck!

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