A Guide to the Mammals of Beijing

In recent months I have received several queries asking about mammals in Beijing, a symptom of the lack of English-language resources available beyond the excellent “A Guide to the Mammals of China” by Andrew Smith and Yan Xie.  As with the number of bird species recorded in Beijing, the number of mammals recorded in the Chinese capital is surprisingly high.  For example, even in the city centre, it’s possible to see species such as Siberian Chipmunk, Siberian Weasel and Amur Hedgehog.  And, roaming in the mountains to the north and west are (Amur) Leopard Cats, Siberian Roe Deer, Hog Badgers, Raccoon Dogs, Masked Palm Civet and Wild Boar.

To try to at least begin to fill the gap, I have put together a downloadable PDF guide to the mammals of Beijing.

This guide is far from comprehensive.  There are many gaps in terms of species covered and, for those species included, there are significant knowledge gaps about their status.  This guide should, therefore, be considered a work in progress and I very much welcome any information that can improve the contents.  I am particularly interested in records from visitors and residents – please do submit any sightings using the form below or by using the email address in the PDF.

Thank you.

Title image: Tolai Hare, Yeyahu Wetland Reserve, 7 May 2012.