Rare and Scarce Birds in Beijing 2021

This is a summary of the rare, scarce and notable birds in Beijing in 2021.  Although I have included all information to which I have access, this summary is certainly not comprehensive. In particular, the number of previous records for species stated below is based on publicly available records, and may not be fully accurate.  … Continue reading Rare and Scarce Birds in Beijing 2021

Young Ambassador for Nature: Soaring High with Ariel Chen

I first met Chen Yanzhi (Ariel) in March 2017 when, with Luo Peng, I helped lead a birding trip for students and families as part of EcoAction’s environmental education programme in Beijing.  I was immediately impressed by Ariel – she was inquisitive, intelligent, fascinated by the natural world and clearly had the respect of her … Continue reading Young Ambassador for Nature: Soaring High with Ariel Chen

The Ambassadors for Nature Initiative

Welcome to “Ambassadors for Nature”, comprising an informal group of diplomatic missions in Beijing, each of which is endeavouring to manage its embassy premises and grounds in a wildlife-friendly, biodiversity-enhancing way. The initiative was launched at an Ambassadors’ Roundtable hosted at the New Zealand Embassy in July 2022. The aim is to work to align … Continue reading The Ambassadors for Nature Initiative

Wildlife Watercolours

This page features watercolours of wildlife (mostly from Beijing and Sanjiangyuan) and will be updated as and when new paintings are completed.   A Northern Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus 北长尾山雀 Běi cháng wěi shān què) to commemorate the influx of these beautiful birds into Beijing in autumn 2023.  Since the first birds were seen on 10 … Continue reading Wildlife Watercolours

The Invisible Miracle Happening Over Our Heads As We Sleep

On Tuesday 27 September 2022, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) hosted a special seminar to publicise the results of the pilot Beijing Nocturnal Bird Migration Project.   Hosted by AIIB’s Vice President for Policy and Strategy, Sir Danny Alexander, and moderated by Tian Hua, the seminar included speakers from Peking University, the Beijing Municipal Government, … Continue reading The Invisible Miracle Happening Over Our Heads As We Sleep

2022 Wildlife News in Beijing

This is the 2022 Wildlife News page. For the historical Wildlife News homepage, click here. For current Wildlife News, click here.   31 December 2022 A FIELDFARE Turdus pilaris 田鸫 Tián dōng photographed at the Peking University Changping Campus, Changping District (颜子轲, 蔡柏阳, 陈肇洧, 李源昊). c100 ASIAN ROSY FINCH Leucosticte arctoa 粉红腹岭雀 Fěnhóng fù lǐng … Continue reading 2022 Wildlife News in Beijing

Butterflies of Beijing

This page covers the butterflies of Beijing.  It includes more than 180 species on the Beijing list, including scientific, Chinese (including pinyin) and, where available, English common names.  Annex A includes butterflies not on this list but recently recorded in Beijing. The aim is to build up a library of images from the capital.  With … Continue reading Butterflies of Beijing