Ambassadors for Nature Goes Live!

Following the launch of the Ambassadors for Nature initiative in July 2022, work has been ongoing to put together resources and begin to implement the “Pledge for Nature” made by Ambassadors from 14 missions in Beijing.

In late September the first meeting of embassy gardeners took place, hosted by the Belgian Embassy and supported by ShanShui Conservation Center.

And now, a dedicated page for the Ambassadors for Nature initiative is live on this website.  It can be accessed by clicking here.

The page includes resources such as:

  • a list of native plant and tree species;
  • common wildlife to be found in central Beijing;
  • guidance on building and erecting nest boxes for birds; and
  • recommendations for embassy gardeners.  

The page will be updated regularly, so please come back soon to see how the initiative is being taken forward. 

Huge thanks to the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing and, in particular, Ambassador Clare Fearnley and Svar Barrington, for their energy and initiative.

If you are a member of a diplomatic mission in Beijing, or indeed from anywhere in the world. why not join us!  See the page for contact details.

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