Wildlife Watercolours

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with watercolours to paint some of Beijing’s birds.  It’s been a lot of fun to try different techniques and, although the results will not win any prizes, I’m beginning to put together a portfolio which, over time, will expand beyond birds to include other wildlife.  If you are interested to see how they are turning out, please go to this dedicated page, which will be updated as and when new paintings are completed. 

Each of the paintings has taken no more than 45 minutes, an ideal way to spend a break from work.


Title painting: Relict Gull Ichthyaetus relictus  遗鸥  Yí ōu

8 thoughts on “Wildlife Watercolours”

  1. Thank you, Terry for sharing your paintings. I think they are lovely and capture the birds beautifully. Please keep us posted with your other paintings as well.

      1. Hi, Terry. I’m Effie Sun. I been following birdingbeijing for 2 years and never reply once, hahahahaha. but not this time. I really love your watercolour paintings, especially those with backgrouds like the blue from sky and the green form water, reminding me of the moments seeing the lovely birds, looks so alive, i can feel the life from behind the painting. i can feel its movement and heard their calling (those with bill widely opened.). and I also love the ones with gestures, birds turning its head and feeding themselves in the pond. While only one bird looks odd to me:NORTHERN HOUSE MARTIN, i can’t understand what is it doing….

      2. Thank you, Effie. It’s very kind of you to write and I very much appreciate your kind words. Your comment about the Northern House Martin made me laugh.. When I looked at it again, I can see why you said it! This species often clings to a vertical wall or cliff as it builds its nest of mud under the eaves of a house or an overhanging rock. When it does this, the tail is often splayed as in the painting.. but I can see why it looks odd! Thank you again and I hope you will comment more on the content of the website… it’s so valuable to hear what readers think! With very best wishes, Terry

  2. Your watercolors of these birds are very nice – lovely forms & color, caught their spirits and good enough for ID too. Please continue to share. Thanks.

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