Leopard Cat in Beijing 北京豹猫

Not many capital cities can boast populations of wild cats and some may be surprised to learn that Beijing is one.  I am delighted to publish a new page dedicated to Leopard Cats in Beijing.  This page provides information and updates from an exciting new project about this poorly known species, led by Peking University’s Professor Luo Shu-Jin in collaboration with the China Felid Conservation Alliance (CFCA).  The project has already made some exciting discoveries, revealing just how little we know about biodiversity, even in one of the world’s major capital cities.  The page can be found here and includes some fantastic images of Leopard Cat from Beijing.  Check back regularly for updates!

Huge credit to Luo Shu-Jin and her team for her work on what must be one of the jewels in the crown of Beijing’s biodiversity.  

4 thoughts on “Leopard Cat in Beijing 北京豹猫”

  1. What a great picture of the Leopard cat! And how fine to have it near the metropolitan area.
    We have a healthy population now of Bobcat in Nova Scotia.

    1. Thanks Jane! Next challenge is to secure a similar quality image with the background as the Great Wall of China! Bobcats are super animals.. I am sure it’s one of many mammals in your neck of the woods?

  2. Congratulations for another interesting site. In Kuala Lumpur civet cats are frequently found in quite dense housing. Their presence in the rafters are a nuisance and its difficult to get them to leave.

    1. That’s interesting! In Beijing, the Leopard Cat has so far been found only in relatively sparsely-populated parts of Beijing, so the potential for human-leopard cat conflict is low.

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