Ray Mears visits the Valley of the Cats

In late October, it was an honour to welcome Ray Mears to the Valley of the Cats. Ray is a world-renowned expert on “bushcraft” and a prominent TV personality in the UK. I grew up watching him in series such as “Tracks“, “Ray Mears’ World of Survival” and others, where he showed viewers how to discover and follow the tracks of wild animals and to survive in the wild, working with nature to make shelters from branches and leaves and finding all manner of edible plants and insects.

Ray visited the Valley of the Cats as part of a forthcoming ITV Series. It was a pleasure and an education to spend time with him – his knowledge is incredible – and there are so many stories to tell.. I won’t give anything anyway but suffice to say it’s a must-watch for anyone interested in China’s incredible wildlife. As always, a huge thanks to the local community and to ShanShui Conservation Center for their wonderful hospitality and to the Qinghai government and the Sanjiangyuan National Parks Office for allowing the crew to film. I am confident Ray’s visit will make a big difference to public awareness in the UK, and more widely, about China’s magnificent wild places.

Title image: Terry with Ray Mears in the Valley of the Cats.

4 thoughts on “Ray Mears visits the Valley of the Cats”

    1. Hi Tom. Thank you! I’ll certainly post a link as soon as one is available. It is not due to be broadcast until late 2020, so it won’t be soon.. but it’ll be worth the wait! Thanks again, Terry

  1. Hey Terry – it was great to be there, hope you’re getting on ok and finding more great cats. Toby

    1. Thanks Toby! Visited for the first time this year in early November and saw an adult male Snow Leopard on a fresh kill of yak. And colleagues from ShanShui enjoyed a special encounter with a Common Leopard, much harder to see than Snow Leopard! Good memories from last year and looking forward to seeing it on TV! Hope you are doing ok in what’s been a difficult year. With very best wishes, Terry

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