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With huge thanks to the generosity of WildSounds and Books, another crop of young Chinese birders now have copies of some great titles, including “A Field Guide to the Birds of China”, “Oceanic Birds of the World” and the “Collins Bird Guide”. One of these birders happens to work for the Qinghai government in the department responsible for protecting biodiversity, so he is sure to put his new book to good use!

Thanks again to WildSounds for supporting young birders in China.. a wonderful gesture that is surely helping to grow an interest in nature and inspire young people about the natural world.

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  1. Hi Terry. Thanks for Birding Beijing, I find it fascinating. Thanks also for all you are doing to encourage the Chinese to a greater appreciation of their natural world- before it is too late! I have visited China four times so far- my wife is Chinese- but we tend to have stays of 3 – 6 weeks and spend that time mainly visiting her ex -classmates in either Zhanjiakou or Shijiazhaung . I get more than enough chances to eat and drink but don’t get many chances to bird!!

    I will be in Shijiazhaung Dec. 23 for 3 weeks but next August my wife will retire and we will spend even more time in China-mainly at the 2 locations above. I would really like to make contact with any birders in either location and would be very ready to pay for guides to take me out.I am not a hard core birder. Even when I did quite a lot of birding I was always thrilled to find new species but could be equally happy watching birds on my garden feeders or in the local park. I never was a bird “chaser” and at 77 I don’t intend to start. I don’t speak Chinese but I do have a phone which can. Can you advise me ?

    I know that you must be very busy and probably will not have time to deal with requests like this. If so, and you do not reply, no offence will be taken.

    Keep up the great work.

    Richard King


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