The Guardian covers the story of Gu Xuan “The Anti-poacher” in Beijing

I was delighted to see that, following the coverage by Sam Vadas of Reuters, the story of Gu Xuan (Beijing’s “anti-poacher”) has been covered by The Guardian with an excellent, and moving, 10-minute film by Sean Gallagher.  Some revealing footage showing the birds, the poachers, the illegal markets and the police.  It’s essential viewing for anyone who cares about wild birds.

As Xuan says, education is critical, and I am convinced that, thanks to his tireless efforts and the actions and influence of the growing birding community in China, the tide will change.

2 thoughts on “The Guardian covers the story of Gu Xuan “The Anti-poacher” in Beijing”

    1. Thank you, Bjorn! All the credit should go to Gu Xuan. He’s an inspirational fellow fighting a hugely important battle in the context of poaching in China. Power to his elbow!

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