The Valley of the Cats Website Launched

On behalf of the local community in The Valley of the Cats, close to the source of the mighty Mekong River on the Tibetan Plateau, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the Valley.

The bilingual (English and Chinese) site includes background information about the Valley, the people and its wildlife.  It includes latest news from the local yak herders, the latest photos from the camera traps set up and operated by the local community and feedback from visitors who participated in the pilot trips.

The Valley of the Cats is a special place and, thanks to the efforts of the local government, local families and ShanShui Conservation Centre, the Valley is now open to receive small numbers of visitors, provided permits are obtained through official channels.  Visitors stay with one of the local yak herder families, who will collect you from, and return you to, the airport at Yushu which, in turn, is just one hour from Xining by air.

Feeling adventurous?  Why not check out the site and contact the local community to arrange the trip of a lifetime…

Header photo by Frédéric Larrey, taken in the Valley of the Cats.


8 thoughts on “The Valley of the Cats Website Launched”

  1. Amazing website and amazing place – thanks for bringing this to us! Will start my planing – would love to see and explore.

  2. The Valley of the Cats sounds amazing! I heard about snow leopard sightings in Qinghai when I visited Ruoergai grassland a couple of years ago. I am thrilled to learn that the sightings are quite regular.

    I checked out the Valley of the Cats website, but couldn’t find Contact Us button. What would be the best way to chat with someone about organizing a trip next year (i.e best time to visit, recommended length of stay etc)?

    1. Thank you, Margarita. On the Valley of the Cats website there is a page with prices and availability. See You can enter the dates you wish to visit (even if only tentative at this stage) and the team will contact you to answer any questions you may have. Thanks again for your interest in the Valley of the Cats!

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