A Guide to the Reptiles of Beijing

Following the recent publication of  “A Guide to the Amphibians of Beijing”, Birding Beijing is now pleased to be able to offer a downloadable PDF Guide to the Reptiles of Beijing.

There are few English-language resources available about reptiles in Beijing, so I very much hope this can fill a gap.  I am indebted to Zhang Junduo and Ben Wielstra for compiling this guide and to all the photographers who offered photos to illustrate the species listed.

As with the other guides, I appreciate that it is far from comprehensive, so if readers have anything to add or improve the guide, please contact Birding Beijing on the email address given in the guide.

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “A Guide to the Reptiles of Beijing”

  1. Wonderful stuff again Terry and greatly needed. Please pass on my congrats to the other two contributors as well. How did you get a Tiger Keelback to stand up? I’ve had many encounters with them (including handling many to let my students touch a snake for the first time) but never saw this behaviour before.

    1. Hi Tom. Hope all is well and thanks for the comment! It was Ben and Junduo who did most of the work – I just put it all together into a document. The Tiger Keelback was shocked to see me, I think… (as I was to see it, too!) and it’s first reaction was to rear up. Luckily I caught the pose before it slinked away in the grass.. Terry

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