A Guide to the Amphibians of Beijing

As part of the ongoing effort to provide English-language resources about wildlife in China’s capital city, Birding Beijing is pleased to be able to offer a downloadable PDF about the amphibians that can be found in the city.  This guide has been compiled by R. Nicolas LOU, ZHANG Junduo and Ben WIELSTRA, to whom Birding Beijing owes great thanks.

As with the other guides in the series, we acknowledge that this document is not perfect and the authors welcome any information and photographs that will improve the guide.   Please send via email to the address provided in the guide.  Thank you!

A Guide to the Amphibians of Beijing


Header photo: Dark-spotted Frog by Zhang Junduo

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  1. Very nice! Wish I’d had this when I was in Hebei. Anyway, still nice to see and hopefully helpful to others. Thanks for getting posted here.

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