The 2nd China International Birding Festival

From 20-22 October I will be participating in the 2nd China International Birding Festival in Lushun, near Dalian.  As with the 1st Festival last year, the centrepiece is a ‘bird race’, a 24-hour period during which teams will compete to see or hear as many species of bird as possible within the recording area.  The event, organised by the China Birdwatching Society and sponsored by the local government, has been designed to promote birding and bird conservation in China.  At least 20 teams from across the country, with one or two from overseas, will be competing for the “Steller’s Sea Eagle” trophy…

I’m delighted that two friends, Brian Egan and Rob Holmes, are flying over and will join Marie and I to make up the “Foreign Flappers”.  To many British birders, Brian’s name will be familiar – he manages the Rare Bird Alert (RBA) operation from its headquarters in Norwich – and RBA, along with BirdLife International, will be international partner organisations for the event.

Lushun, near Dalian, is famous for its impressive raptor migration but it’s also an excellent site for passerine migration and we can expect a variety of sought after species, including good numbers of SIBERIAN ACCENTOR, a species that just a few days ago appeared on UK soil for the first time.  Look out for updates via Twitter from @BirdingBeijing and @RareBirdAlertUK …!



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