Downloadable PDF guides to Beijing’s Birds Now Available!

One of Birding Beijing’s priorities is to provide helpful information about the birds of China’s capital for beginners and experienced birders alike.  It’s a delight, therefore, to announce that there are two new downloadable PDF guides available on this website.

The first – A Guide To Beijing’s Common Birds – is designed to help the beginner to identify some of the most frequently seen birds.  With photos and brief explanatory text – including English, scientific and Chinese names – it’s a handy guide to download onto a smartphone or to have printed on your desk!

The second – A Guide To Beijing’s Most Sought-after Birds – is designed to help visiting birders to connect with the “Top 10” special birds that can be found in China’s capital.  From range-restricted species such as the Grey-sided Thrush to the spectacular Przewalski’s Redstart, this guide should help to increase the chances of encountering these birds during a visit to Beijing.

Of course, bird distributions are not static and so these guides are works in progress, based on best-available information at this time.  If you spot any errors or omissions or have any information that will improve these guides, please contact me using the Contact form or through the Comments facility.

7 thoughts on “Downloadable PDF guides to Beijing’s Birds Now Available!”

  1. Excellent Terry, how about making it the top 26 birds and adding Swift! Beginners may be trying to turn Swifts into Barn Swallows and Red-rumped Swallows.

  2. Excellent work Terry, anyone visiting Beijing now has some first class information. Lets hope that the Ala Shan Redstarts return this winter! Best wishes Vaughan & Sveta

  3. Very cool stuff Terry, I just downloaded both and will use in class for sure. Cheers, Tom

    1. Thanks Tom! If you have ideas for how to improve them, please shout! And of course I’m delighted you’ll use them with your own classes… I may have them translated into Mandarin, too, which will help with Chinese audiences, although lots of the students these days have a good grasp of English.

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