Northern Inner Mongolia In Winter – Trip Report

I have finally completed my report of our Christmas trip to northern Inner Mongolia, close to the Russian border. It covers our time in two locations – Wuerqihan and XiQi. There is a focus on owls but we were rewarded with a host of good birds including, among others, Arctic Redpoll, Siberian Jay, Pere David’s Snowfinch and Asian Rosy Finch. You can download the full report here.

6 thoughts on “Northern Inner Mongolia In Winter – Trip Report”

  1. Thanks Mark! With the right clothing and some luck with the weather, it wasn’t so cold.. But definitely an adventure! We couldn’t believe it when the local guide at Wuerqihan told us his heater wasn’t working… we had thick ice INSIDE the car…! :-/

  2. Great report with some stunning photos, detailed text & inspiring paintings on what was clearly a superb trip Terry. I’m sure there are hundreds of us who are very, very envious!

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