Great Grey Owl

To me, seeing a GREAT GREY OWL (Strix nebulosa) ranks as one of the most magical sights of the bird world. With its human-like face and haunting stare, any encounter with the “Phantom of the North” in a snow-blanketed spruce forest makes for an eerie experience. In China, this magnificent owl can be found in the forests of the northern Provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia and it was a much-wanted bird during our recent visit to Wuerqihan and XiQi. Fortunately, after a long search, we finally caught up with this silent assassin. We enjoyed a spectacular encounter with this bird, watching as it surveyed the immediate area with slow, deliberate turns of its head. Typically it was not unduly bothered by our presence and, with my iPhone and Swarovski ATX I was able to take this video which captures the spirit of this most majestic of owls.

10 thoughts on “Great Grey Owl”

    1. Yes, a great find and a lovely video. When I got to observe one last year (Minnesota), at fairly close range, I didn’t notice the very cross-eyed look of this one….

  1. One Great Grey Owl came down to the Falsterbo area in Sweden a few years back. It did not stay long but it was as cool as the one you saw as long as it was there. I also saw one near Helsinki. Totally unbothered with humans. Both of them sat in trees about 5-7 meter up. So far, none here in Denmark.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Stig! I tried to see that Falsterbo bird when I was living in Copenhagen.. but missed it by a day (I found a tree it obviously roosted in, with pellets scattered underneath, but sadly no sign of the bird itself). Wonderful beasts. I am sure you will have one in Denmark one day… 🙂

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