Lesser White-fronted Geese

The LESSER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE is classified as VULNERABLE by BirdLife International because “it has suffered a rapid population reduction in its key breeding population in Russia, and equivalent declines are predicted to continue. The Fennoscandian population has undergone a severe historical decline, and has not yet recovered.”

Thousands of the eastern population breed in northeast Russia and winter in central China.  It is perhaps surprisingly rare in Beijing with fewer than 10? records.  It is undoubtedly overlooked amongst large flocks of BEAN GEESE.

This autumn, the very low water level at Miyun Reservoir has uncovered a large flat area of grass and mud that is proving attractive to many species, including geese, cranes and bustards. And, with the close by hillocks at Houbajiazhuang offering a superb vantage point, it is an exceptional year to observe them.

Amongst the early arrivals of Bean Geese, a flock of 40+ LESSER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE have dropped in.  They have been present for around a week and, on Wednesday, I was able to secure this video.  Superb birds and, side by side with a few GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE, it’s a brilliant opportunity to compare these two similar species.

5 thoughts on “Lesser White-fronted Geese”

  1. Dear Terry,
    Thanks for all the recent updates! I am amazed by the numerous and interesting comments and records you have posted since we were in contact in spring this year. It seems as you and your fellow birders have moved Beijing birding light-years further in terms of new species and unprecedented numbers in only one season.
    Will return in spring:)
    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes, it’s been an amazing year with many first, second and third records. Partly due to more observers and more coverage but also due to the great conditions (water level, viewing etc) at Miyun Reservoir, one of the premier birding sites in the capital. Long may it continue! Hopefully see you in Spring.. Terry

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