Stejneger’s Stonechats

I have just returned from a few days with Paul Holt and Marie Louise at the brilliant visible migration watchpoint that is Laotieshan in Liaoning Province.  Learned lots, as we always do when we visit this superb place.  Paul is staying on for a few days and a full report will be available soon but I’ll blog about a few of my highlights over the next few days.  First up is a video compilation of a few of the 15+ STEJNEGER’S STONECHATS that frequented the point on 9 September.  Remarkably different from the stonechats with which I recently re-acquainted myself at Winterton-on-Sea in Norfolk….!

2 thoughts on “Stejneger’s Stonechats”

  1. Very interesting. Martin Garner has used some of my Stejneger’s images in his latest Challenge Series. I still struggle with these taxa.

  2. Thanks Andrew. Some of the Stonechats are difficult in the hand, let alone in the field..! And often difficult to age, too. Hopefully the video is instructive for birds encountered in autumn.

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