Green-backed (Elisae’s) Flycatcher

Here is a short video of a male GREEN-BACKED (Elisae’s) FLYCATCHER that appears to be breeding at Badaling, within sight of the Great Wall.

The Badaling Forest Park is a good place to see some of Beijing’s breeding birds including YELLOW-RUMPED FLYCATCHER, CLAUDIA’S and EASTERN CROWNED WARBLERS, ASIAN STUBTAIL, WILLOW (SONGAR) and YELLOW-BELLIED TITS and many more.  We were even lucky enough to stumble across a juvenile CHINESE TAWNY OWL, a scarce breeder in Beijing.


One thought on “Green-backed (Elisae’s) Flycatcher”

  1. Hi Mr. Townsend!

    I am Chin Fernandez, a bird photographer from the Philippines. I have read your column and I enjoyed it very much. I too have a birding blog. Anyway, I am going to Beijing on a business trip from June 26 to July 1st. I will be able to go birding for one day, most likely June 28. Could you give me tips on where to go and perhaps recommend an english speaking guide? Also an idea of how much it will cost me in transportation and guide fees? Also entrance fees if there are any? Thank you so much!

    Chin Fernandez

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