Birding Beijing in the Chinese media

This week Birding Beijing has been published in two major Chinese media outlets – The China Daily and The Global Times.

In the second of an excellent new 8-part video series about Wild Beijing, Terry gives an interview on the importance of, and threats to, Beijing’s wetlands.

And an article in The Global Times describes how the fate of Jankowski’s Bunting in Inner Mongolia and Jilin Provinces will be a good test of China’s attitude towards the extinction challenge.

Look out for more soon!

3 thoughts on “Birding Beijing in the Chinese media”

  1. Excellent stuff, Terry. So important that this gets out to regular Chinese people. You are doing so much for the future of Chinese wildlife.

  2. Every single step is a march towards conservation. Change will not happen tomorrow but definitely in the near future. Kudos on all your hardwork Terry.

  3. This is an interesting series, and nice to see your contribution Terry. It is great too when we hear about these types of articles/programs getting into Chinese language. I don’t know (in terms of general trends) if this kind of information tends to get published in English first, or if the English productions trickle down from Chinese. Anyway, its great to see the network of people talking about this – keep up all your work on this!

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