Colour-marked Shorebirds

Here is a great new link about colour-marked shorebirds in East Asia.  It’s in English and Chinese and will help to encourage birders all along the East Asian Flyway to look out for, and report, any colour-marked birds.  Well done to The Partnership for the East Asian-Australiasian Flyway for putting it together.

One thought on “Colour-marked Shorebirds”

  1. Hi Terry:-)

    Thank you so very much for the blog!!! I am a birder from South Africa, who lives in the city centre… We have only 3-5 species in our compound! It is really good to see that there is still some birdlfe life around, although distressing to see what all of this recent economic development ​has done to it…

    Do you organise trips at all? I mean, when you go out to HuaiRou and such?

    Keep up the fun, lucky work:-)

    Best regards,


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