Blyth’s or Richard’s Pipit?

Pipit sp, Beijing, May 2012

Just for fun… using the voting buttons below, let me know what you think…..


4 thoughts on “Blyth’s or Richard’s Pipit?”

  1. Based on your comments, I will go for Blyth’s for its short bill. By the way, i got some error while casting my Vote.


    1. Ah, not good.. please let me know if anyone else has the same problem… it’s an experiment to use the voting application! No comment on your choice, Dev…!!! (not yet anyway). 🙂


  2. Hmm – like others apparently, can’t register my vote, which, by the way, was for Richard’s! I’ve not seen Blyth’s in spring, and, while this looks ‘cute and cuddly’ , on closer inspection, I think the structure fits Richard’s better than Blyth’s. I would hope a Blyth’s might show more distinct streaking on the crown and mantle than this bird and a less obvious supercilium. But I am waiting to be instructed!


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