Sun He

I checked out a ‘new’ site at the Sun River (Sun He) this morning for a couple of hours.  The walk, along the southern bank of the river, was pleasant by Beijing city standards and meandered past a disused golf course, a few paddies, an apparent landfill tip and some recycling plants.  It produced some birds, highlights being 4 Long-billed Plovers, 4 Grey-headed Lapwings, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, 4 Black-winged Stilts, 3 Hoopoes, 8 Buff-bellied Pipits and 18 White Wagtails, mostly of the subspecies leucopsis but including one adult male ocularis.

Grey-headed Lapwing. One of 4 seen today.


White Wagtail ssp leucopsis. One of 18 White Wagtails seen today. Most were leucopsis with only one being of the ssp ocularis.


Common Snipe


Full Species List

Mallard 12

Pintail 2

Eurasian Teal 41

Grey Heron 14

Little Egret 5

Kestrel 1

Common (Eastern) Buzzard 3

Black-winged Stilt 4

Grey-headed Lapwing 4

Long-billed Plover 4

Little Ringed Plover 2

Common Snipe 8

Green Sandpiper 6

Oriental Turtle Dove 2

Hoopoe 3

Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker 2

Grey-headed Woodpecker 2

Rook 3

Carrion Crow 10

Great Tit 2

Barn Swallow 22

Skylark 4

Chinese Bulbul 4

Vinous-throated Parrotbill 4

Crested Myna 6

White-cheeked Starling 22

Naumann’s Thrush 5

Daurian Redstart 2

White Wagtail 18 (17 ssp leucopsis, 1 ssp ocularis)

Buff-bellied Pipit 8

Little Bunting 12

Pallas’s Bunting 3



4 thoughts on “Sun He”

  1. Hi Terry, I and my friend visited Sha He Reservior in the morning, then went to the Olympic Forestry Park yesterday, quite birdy at Sha He, bird list as follows:

    Mallard +50

    Pintail +1 pair

    Eurasian Teal +30

    Goldeneye +100

    Gadwall +2

    Falcated Duck +1 pair

    Ruddy Shelduck 2+2 (latter 2 in the Park)

    Northern Shoveler +20

    Spot-billed Duck +1 pair

    Grey Heron +15

    Intermadiate White Egret +1

    Cormorant +6

    Kestrel 1 male +2 (should be at least 1 male, latter 2 seen in the Olympic Forestry Park)

    Sparrowhawk +1

    Grey-headed Lapwing +25

    Northern Lapwing +20

    Long-billed Plover 4+4

    Little Ringed Plover +15

    Kentish Plover +1

    Avocet +10

    Common Snipe +20

    Green Sandpiper +5

    Black-headed Gull >20

    Oriental Turtle Dove +1

    Spotted Dove +6

    Hoopoe +4

    Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker +2 (in the Park)

    Grey-headed Woodpecker 3 (only seen 1, another 2 just heard, powerful druming)

    Carrion Crow +20

    Skylark +2 (heard often)

    Chinese Bulbul (just heard)

    White-cheeked Starling +30

    Red-billed Starling +1

    Common Starling +15

    Naumann’s Thrush +5 (1 might be intermadiate type with the Dusky)

    Red-throated Thrush +3 (1 male)

    Bluetail 1+1 (latter one in the park)

    Daurian Redstart +1 male

    White Wagtail >30 ( ssp leucopsis, at least 3 ssp ocularis and 3 baicalensis)

    Water Pipit +10

    Buff-bellied Pipit +10

    Little Bunting >30 (a flock in the Forestry Park contains at least 10 birds )

    Pallas’s Bunting +3

    Reed Bunting +2

    Rustic Bunting +1


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