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Paul Holt continues to enjoy his birding at Laotieshan.  Yesterday (Tuesday) he saw two Golden Eagles (in addition to seven Greater Spotted Eagles) plus both Siberian and Alpine Accentors.  A Marsh Grassbird (Japanese Swamp Warbler) was also something of a surprise.

As an aside, check out this beast photographed at Wild Duck Lake on Sunday…  any ideas as to identification?

Beetle sp, Wild Duck Lake, 9 October


I love my macro lens..!

6 thoughts on “Laotieshan latest”

  1. It’s a Tiger Beetle, Cicindelidae, not sure which one. They are highly predatory, take dogs and small children

  2. Hi Phil and Terry
    I think is is Cicindela nitida, rather than chinensis. A google search gives some nice images

  3. Hi Spike, Phil and Ted,
    Thanks for the comments… It’s definitely a Tiger Beetle (Cicindela) and I think Spike is right to say it’s a Cicindela nitida. A beautiful insect! Those jaws look incredibly powerful for such a small creature… I wouldn’t want to be prey!
    Cheers, T

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