Laotieshan update – Tuesday

Laotieshan is continuing to exceed expectations.  Highlight today was probably the 10,000+ Red-rumped Swallows that moved through the point.  Simply staggering.  Supporting cast included a Hair-crested Drongo, a total of 19 House Martins (13 Northern, 3 Asian and 3 unidentified to species level), a single Black Stork and 8 White-throated Needletails.  Also very good numbers of Richard’s Pipits, Black-faced Buntings, Olive-backed Pipits and Chestnut-flanked White-eyes.  Raptors continue to impress with Oriental Honey Buzzards, Japanese Sparrowhawks, Goshawks, Black-eared Kites and Pied Harriers the highlights.   All of this is happening during benign weather.  We are expecting a cold front to pass on Thursday with the temperature due to drop by around 10 degrees.  If that happens, Friday could be a big day.  It’s been so good that I haven’t had time to put together detailed notes – that will probably have to wait until I get home..  In the meantime, here are a few more images of the day…

Peregrine, Laotieshan, 27 September 2011. A pair of these magnificent falcons is in residence at Laotieshan.


Ashy Minivets, Laotieshan. Over 1,000 of these stunning birds were seen on Monday and one flock on Tuesday numbered at least 180 birds.


A record image of one of the Asian House Martins at Laotieshan today. Note the dark underwing coverts.

One thought on “Laotieshan update – Tuesday”

  1. So where are you guys watching from ? Down below or did you find a place higher up ?
    Anyway these swallows are messing with you – once they’ve gone past and seen you’ve counted them, they zip around the corner and come round again 🙂

    Hope you have had time to try to kick up stuff on the ground, like in the lighthouse garden – not many Gray’s Grasshopper Warblers likely to be flitting overhead

    I really wish I was there with you 🙁 Maybe next time

    Good luck, Spike

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