3 thoughts on “Brown Eared Pheasants – the video”

  1. Gosh, Terry!

    Very much enjoyed the write-up yesterday, and the video now makes one discontented with what was quite a nice morning! Amazing that the pheasants are so tame, although in China I don’t think that’s a plus for a bird’s well-being.

    This afternoon is earmarked not for Brown Eared Pheasants but for sending off US returns before the deadline, and I have already infringed on my resolution to do so by watching your video, AND the one on the Black- and Red-throated Thrushes, AND the Thrush Nightingale, AND the Spotted Crake. You want to get me in trouble with the tax people ????

    Best from here – hi, to Jesper, too!


  2. Hi Norm.. it’s funny how almost any distraction becomes attractive when one is filling in tax returns… I just had the same experience myself and it took me almost a week to complete what should have taken just a couple of hours…!


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