Going Japanese

After a tip-off from Jesper about some Japanese Waxwings in the Summer Palace, I spent a couple of hours there on Saturday afternoon.  Eventually, after dodging the crowds to get to the north-west corner of the park, I discovered a mixed flock of Waxwings in a quiet corner.  Unusually, Japanese outnumbered Bohemian by about 4 to 1.  They were very loyal to a couple of ‘leylandii’-type trees, to which they frequently flew down to feed before flying up to some tall poplars to preen, rest and eat a little of the snow that had fallen overnight.

Despite the very overcast conditions, I was able to capture a few pleasing images.

Japanese Waxwings, Summer Palace, Beijing, 26 February 2011. Note the pale belly, bright pink tip to the tail and fiery-orange undertail coverts.
The black on the back of the crest can be seen well on the bottom left bird.

Japanese Waxwing take-off

Japanese Waxwing: close up of the wing and tail patterns

8 thoughts on “Going Japanese”

  1. Wow, Terry!

    Omedito Gozaimasu (Congratulations!!)

    What an absolute pleasure those photographs are! ( And one of the benefits of that soooo cold winter you’re having! )

    I didn’t get out today, so this has been my “fix”.

    Best and thanks!



  2. And p.s.

    I meant to say that the kind of waxwing we have in the States is a Cedar Waxwing, and they would be right at home in the tree you pictured (perhaps a kind of Juniper as is the so-called Red Cedar in the eastern U.S.)

    You are lucky to have Jesper so close to steer you to such finding (waxwings if not junipers).



  3. Just lovely. The are a bit prettier than our Cedar Waxwings here in the states. But then again I find all birds quite magnificent. Cheers!


  4. Ha ha.. Yes, they are everywhere….! Four still in Ritan Park this morning and Jesper reported 100+ still at the Summer Palace.

    Thought the blog header needed freshening up so this image of waxwings will stay for a while..


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