Yunnan – the video

You can see a compilation video of the Yunnan trip by clicking here…


3 thoughts on “Yunnan – the video”

  1. Wow, neat!

    Your video brings back to me the feeling of standing there so close and so far … not seeing what one is hearing, and not knowing what it is :-((( And specifically, at the very beginning just before the wasp/cicada part, what was the bird with the plantive four-note call?

    Thanks for the minutes in Yunnan,



    1. Thanks, Terry.

      Those wren-babblers! I know only the Streaked – and “know” means that I happened on a flock of six or eight foraging on the ground, and by the time I got my binoculars up they had just about been absorbed into nothingness. Not fast even, and unlike the Cheshire cat left nothing behind except me who began to doubt myself that I had even seen them.



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