A cold front passed Beijing today…  cold and rainy all day.  A quick 10-minute walk through the garden produced at least 5 Red-flanked Bluetails which, together with the 12 I saw in Ritan Park yesterday, almost (but not quite) equals the total number of Bluetails seen in the UK this autumn!  Alan Tilmouth posted an interesting piece about the increase in UK records this year – worth a read.

Red-flanked Bluetail, Central Park, Beijing, 19 October 2010

2 thoughts on “Bluetails”

  1. The activity continues for you! It has slowed down here a little over the past week, but I am happy to report Kongeørn at SVP at the weekend, which is a nice local visitor as you know. Let’s hope winter brings Hawk Owl again and maybe Snowy?? All the best Mark

  2. Hi Mark,
    Golden Eagle is a very good bird for SVP! Hawk Owls are special birds and I will always remember a couple of trips to see these birds in Skåne as one of the birding highlights of my time in Copenhagen. Fingers crossed! Best wishes, Terry

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