Yeyahu (Wild Duck Lake)

I made my second visit to Yeyahu (known as Wild Duck Lake) on Wednesday.  Fantastic day – almost no wind early morning and fantastic blue skies.  Highlights were undoubtedly the raptors – 2 Great Spotted Eagles that came from the east, circled a bit and then wet back east, clearly not liking what they saw…    also, 2 Short-toed Eagles, a Peregrine, at least 12 japonicus Common Buzzards, 3 Hen Harriers, 2 Japanese Sparrowhawks, 4 Eurasian Sparrowhawks, 3 Goshawks, 2 Hobby and a Kestrel.  Other sightings included c50 Bean Geese, a cracking adult male Yellow-throated Bunting, 100s of Little Buntings (I lost count when I reached 3 figures but there were clearly several hundred on site), c20 Buff-bellied Pipits, several Greater Short-toed Lark and a possible Asian Short-toed Lark (looked short-tailed and pale but not clinched).

Not too much wildfowl around – a few Spot-billed Duck, a couple of Ruddy Shelduck, some Common Teal, a few Gadwall, Mallard and Wigeon but no sign of any Baikal Teal.

Meanwhile, in the garden, one Red-flanked Bluetail remained with at least 6 Pallas’s Warblers, a single Daurian Redstart and half a dozen Yellow-bellied Tits.

Greater Spotted Eagle, Yeyahu, 13 October 2010
1 cal yr Common Buzzard ssp japonicus
Short-toed Eagle, Yeyahu, 13 October 2010
Short-toed Eagle, Yeyahu, 13 October 2010 - can you see the Great Wall in the background? Chinese birding at its best...

2 thoughts on “Yeyahu (Wild Duck Lake)”

  1. Hi Terry

    Love your new blog. I have some experiences from China, including an early September stay on Happy Island, and several good trips with Jesper Hornskov, so it is really a pleasure to see (read) you keeping up the good work you started in Copenhagen.

    Cheers, Andreas

  2. Thanks Andreas! I know that my year here will fly by very quickly, so I am trying to take every opportunity to get out and about. Hope Copenhagen is producing some good birds this autumn.. Terry

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