Red-flanked Bluetails

The garden keeps producing.  Today there were two Red-flanked Bluetails foraging low down in the shade of some small shrubs, right by a major walkway.  Stunning birds, often wagging their tails downwards as they eyed up their next insect meal.  One even began to eat a few of the berries, precariously balancing on the outer branches….  Only other birds of note were 4 Pallas’s Warblers and a single Brambling (new China bird for me) that called, perched briefly on top of one of the trees and then flew off south.

Red-flanked Bluetail, Central Park, 12 October 2010
Red-flanked Bluetail, Central Park, 12 October 2010

2 thoughts on “Red-flanked Bluetails”

  1. Nice garden tick Terry, I had one on the patch, sadly not self-found but enjoyable nonetheless at the weekend. The blog is looking tasty already, I’ll bang a link up when I get a moment. Do the Bluetails stay with you through winter or move further south?

  2. Thanks Alan. There are plenty of birds here, that’s for sure. I guess a look at the map, in particular the landmass north of Beijing, explains why migration is so good here, even in urban locations. Unfortunately the Bluetails don’t winter but they certainly brighten up spring and autumn.

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