Invasion of the Radde’s

After seeing my first Radde’s Warbler in the garden yesterday, today I saw a minimum of 5!  Three were in the same shrub which also included a Dusky Warbler, a male Daurian Redstart and a Two-barred Greenish Warbler!  One of the Radde’s performed well, breaking the dense cover and showing quite well in the upper branches of a young tree for a few minutes.


Radde's Warbler, Central Park, Beijing, 9 October 2010. Note the shortish, stubby bill, compared with Dusky (below)



Radde's Warbler, Central Park, Beijing, 9 October 2010. This photo shows the characteristic 'peachy' undertail coverts.



This Dusky Warbler popped out briefly, called and then dived back into cover. Note the thinner, more pointed bill, the more concolourous body and the darker legs.



Two-barred Greenish Warbler, Central Park, Beijing, 9 October 2010


A Two-barred Greenish Warbler came to see what all the fuss was about and posed nicely, albeit briefly, before moving on with a small party of Pallas’s Warblers.

Finally, the male Daurian Redstart that was bombing around doing what Redstarts do…

I checked the patch where the Stubtail was yesterday.  No sign.  But there was another Radde’s in the same spot, skulking around in the grass..

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  1. Hi Terry
    I’d like to use your image of the Two-barred Warbler in this post for an article I am hoping to publish in a local Malaysian NGO birding mag. As such, no payment on offer, but I can send you a copy or pdf of the mag if the pic is featured. If you’d be willing, can you send me a full res, uncropped version of the pic to: Many thanks, Dave

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