Garden Migrants

A walk around the garden today produced probably the best crop of migrants yet.  It started with two Daurian Redstarts (a pair) and several Pallas’s Warblers.  Further round I flushed a Red-flanked Bluetail and then a Dusky Warbler showed briefly from a shrub before typically diving deep into cover.  A ‘tick’ call alerted me to a flying Bunting which settled on the top of a nearby tree, revealing itself to be a first winter Yellow-browed Bunting and then a small flock of Yellow-bellied Tits came through a group of young poplars..  Not bad for a 20-minute walk around the garden!

Pallas's Warbler, Central Park, Beijing, 5 October 2010
A record image of the male Daurian Redstart, Central Park, 5 October 2010
One of the Yellow-bellied Tits foraging in the garden this morning

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