Today I have been trying to arrange a trip down to Shanghai to see migrating Spoon-billed Sandpipers at Rudong.  There have been 8 of these critically endangered waders on site in the last few days and September is a reliable month to see them at this estuary site.  I am hoping to go next weekend, catching the overnight train from Beijing to Shanghai (around 9 hours) and then meeting up with local birder Zhang Lin for the 3-hour drive to Rudong…  exciting stuff!

By the way, I have a short video of the Ibisbill in flight but, with no access to Youtube or Vimeo, I haven’t been able to upload it..  I know there are Chinese ‘Youtube’ equivalents which I will try to work out (they are in Chinese only) but if anyone out there has any tips on uploading videos to the web from China, let me know!

Big thunderstorms overnight – spectacular from our large flat window on the 17th floor.

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